• “As a parent, one of the most important decisions I had to make for my children was the choice of a school.  I have entrusted ISC-Koura with my three sons and I am comforted to know that they spend their days with nurturing educators who have a genuine and sincere interest in their development and individual needs.

    ISC educators challenge, sculpt and shape my boys’ young lives with their dedication and care. I am enjoying watching my boys grow into independent, polite, happy, and responsible children in a safe and warm environment that reinforces the values they learn at home.

    I am deeply thankful to the ISC educators for working with me as a team to help my children achieve their potentials not only on the academic level but also on the personal level too.”

    A Grateful Mother,

    Aline Saad

  • “I believe that the educational experience at SABIS®, though demanding at times, has proven to be great preparation for college. The unmitigated commitment of a great staff of teachers combined with a solid and challenging curriculum paved the way for an education like no other. I am grateful to have received such an education as I believe that it smoothed the transition from high school to college life.”

    Kevin Makhoul

  • “I am extremely proud to be an ISC-Koura graduate. Now that I have transitioned to the college phase of my life, I fully realize the true value of all that my school did for me in terms of preparation for what lay ahead.

    When I was in school, my teachers helped me in so many different ways. Not only did they prepare me academically, but they also acted as my friends, counselors and confidantes, giving freely of their own time whenever it was required. Also, the quality of my education has become very evident here in college. I am finding my 3rd level math, chemistry and biology courses to be so easy because I have already covered most of the work in school. I really wish my former ISC-Koura teachers could teach me again in college!

    Another debt of gratitude that I owe to ISC-Koura is the way that it enabled me to learn languages so quickly. When I first came to ISC-Koura in Grade 6, I could not speak any English and had only basic Arabic, but I quickly gained quite a high level of proficiency in both.

    All in all, I am very proud of what I have achieved and am deeply grateful to ISC-Koura and everyone who works there for having helped me so much.” 

    Lina Naja

  • “I would like to congratulate SABIS® for its efforts over 127 to revolutionize academics in Lebanon and cement its place as a central component of the futures of the hundreds of students who no doubt share my views and appreciate these efforts while helping with their own contributions that helped make the school the beacon for academics and the base for countless bright, prosperous futures.”

    John Yazbeck

  • “MIT is well known for its competitive environment, and often students drop out because they cannot handle the stress. I felt none of that. Thanks to SABIS, I was fully prepared to take on a heavy workload and balance it with my extracurricular activities and social life. SABIS®'s strong foundation in the sciences allowed me to excel in classes from early on at MIT while others were struggling. This strong foundation proved time and again to be integral to my success at MIT. More importantly, SABIS® prepared me for the workload: I was so used to AMSs, Periodic Exams, and homework that university assignments were far from overwhelming. This has been a shared experience with all other SABIS® students I know at MIT, we are all excelling, taking a heavier course-load than is expected, helping others with academics and playing an active role in their community.”

    Ragheb Khuja