10th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament

10th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament

ISC- Koura students participated in the 10th SABIS® Regional Sports Tournament which took place at SABIS® International Schools of Dubai Investments Park and Sharjah. The event attracted over 1000 SABIS® athletes from 23 SABIS® schools representing 12 countries from around the world.

Teams from Germany, Romania, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan Iraq and Jordan competed enthusiastically in swimming, basketball, soccer, sprint, relay, and long jump


Our winners:

Under 18 Boys Basketball: Adib Awad,  Karim Al Dabliz, Mohammad Kamal Khalil, Tarek Soufi, Jad El-Mourad,  Nader Rahouli,  Mosbah Alameddine, Georges Chahine-  Gold Medal. 

MVP (Basketball Most Valuable Player): Karim Dabliz

Boys Sprint Under 16- 400 m: Tari Zeitouni (Grade 10) Silver Medal

Boys Sprint- Relay team:  Jamal Mawas, Tari Zeitouni, Salah Nasra, Toni Elias - Gold Medal

Long Jump- boys under 16: Gold Medal Dani Badawi Najjar

Boys under 16 (4 x 100m) Relays hit a new record of 47.95 seconds

For more information, you may visit our website www.sabis.netwww.regionaltournament-sabis.net

To see more photos, please check this link http://www.isckoura-sabis.net/about-isc-koura/media-gallery/regional-tournament-2015

The International School of Choueifat – Koura

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